Childrens Mattresses

Entering childhood and early teens is a very exciting period of their development and they need all the right things to support them.

Our teen mattress has the benefits of something that can handle drink spillages and biscuit crumbs and offers medium support. It’s made with a spring unit at its core, topped with a layer of soft organic lambswool and finally encased in breathable cotton. Perfect.

Made from the most carefully sourced materials, including organic lambswool and the softest cotton. The built-in insulation of these materials ensures the mattress you choose will be cosy in winter and breathable in summer.

We have a Teen mattress that’s available with pocket springs and deeper fillings for a more luxurious feel available in firm, medium and soft support. So, whether it’s a mattress for your child’s first bed or one for a growing teenager, we can make the perfect fit.

Rest assured with our sleep promise, if your mattress arrives and isn’t right for you, we will exchange it for one that is.